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About Kwame Siegel

Kwame Siegel is a young comedian from Baltimore Maryland who grew up admiring comedic greats such as Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock. At the age of 17, Kwame moved to the Big Apple (New York City) to pursue his Showbiz career. It was there performing at the prestigious Apollo Theater in Harlem he would make a name for himself. That was when Kwame was discovered by Superstar Eddie Griffin who brought Kwame on tour with him as his opening feature act thru North America and Canada. Later on Kwame continued to tour with big names in comedy such as the late great Charlie Murphy on the Westcoast leg of his "Acid Trip Tour". Kwame is currently a co-host on "Quake's House" with legendary DC comedian Earthquake on Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud Sirius XM satellite station channel 96. Kwame's style of comedy is known to discuss relevant topics such as dating (his infatuation with big women) and society's social norms but delivered with a provocative street Baltimore Swagger.

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